• Where have the Team Lineups gone?
    They're still there, you just need to swipe to the right on the match details screen.

  • Where has the Match Commentary gone?
    It's also still there, you just need to swipe to the right.

  • How do I add my favourite team and what does this do?
    To add a favourite team goto MyAlerts and hold down on the team you want as favourite and then select Make Favourite - video guide here. If you add your favourite team you will get an extra set of matches on the home page showing recent results/upcoming fixtures for your team.

  • Why is there a grey bar below the buttons?
    It's a scroll bar, if you side the button bar to the right you'll see a league table button :)

  • What leagues are covered?
    We provide coverage of all major European leagues, however certain features such as the vidiprinter, goal alerts, commentary are only available for UK competitions, Champions League & World Cup 2010) List available here If you'd like confirmation as to whether your team/league of interest is covered please mail us.

  • Why does the app show as running in task killer (etc) when it's not open?
    The application has a background service running that is responsible for downloading data and so shows up as still running. However rest assured it won't be downloading lots of data all day long as we've implemented an 'intelligent polling' mechanism.
    What happens is the application will download the fixtures each morning at 07:00, it checks to see if there is a fixture that day that for a team or competition in your 'My Alerts'. If there is, it sets a timer to get updates during that match thereby minimizing the data downloaded (and the battery/processor etc used) otherwise it will just go back to sleep until the next morning.

    Of course you can just turn this off via the preferences page if you prefer.

  • Why aren't goals alerts working for the team/competition I've selected?
    The application is primarily aimed at the UK market and currently will not provide goal alerts for European domestic competitions eg. Serie A, La Liga, etc. If there is enough demand we can look to add this in the future, but our main target market is the UK If your competition isn't covered by the vidiprinter, you will not receive goal alerts
    Also, please ensure that you have the correct timezone settings for your locale as these are used to determine when to start the goal alert service.

  • Why do I get a warning when I click on SkyBet?
    You may receive a certificate warning when visting the skybet.com. Understandably this would concern people, but be assured your connection is secure. Unfortunately, there is a bug within Android OS which certain types of certificates are flagged as unverified. The skybet.com site currently uses such a certificate. There is very little we can do about this as it a problem with the Android OS & the type of certificate used by skybet.com. The same thing happens if you navigate directly to www.skybet.com directly in your browser. If you still have concerns please contact Skybet directly

  • Where are league tables?
    Select a competition from the fixtures tab, and there is a league table button in the top right corner

  • Why can't I see fixtures?
    Fixture data is generally available for about a week in advance, plus 1 weeks worth of previous fixtures/results.

  • Can I change the matches that appear on the home screen?
    Yes. Well kind of, you can add a favourite team so that you see the recent fixtures/results for that team on your home page as well as the featured games of the day.

  • How do I add alerts?
    Just go to the Fixtures tab and hold down a competition that you'd like to receive alerts for, or if you just want to add a particular team find the team in fixtures and hold down

  • Where are league tables?
    Select a competition from the fixtures tab, and there is a league table button in the top right corner. Plus there is now a league tables button on the bottom menu, just scroll to the right.

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